Becoming A Better Handler

Written by: Dennis Voigt - April 13, 2016

This collection of 9 articles is one of our favorites. It features information on the basics of sending your dog, deliveries and other line mechanics. It has articles on improving your casting and handling on blind retrieves. It also includes very valuable information on differences in handling at trials and while training. Finally, the subject of how to analyze a test and plan how you will run it is analysed. Your dog and its performance will benefit greatly from you becoming a better handler.    

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  • How To Send: 
    A description of the mechanics of sending your dog correctly. Proper technique and avoidance of common methods will help your dog a great deal in getting a good start on both marks and binds. Every send should be the practicing of good habits.

  • Analyzing Tests for the Handler: 
    Understanding the test is critical in both training and testing in order to handle your dog correctly. This is a very important article on How to Analyse a test -either a training set-up or a field trial or hunt test

  • Dealing with Casting:
    Almost all dogs display casting issues at some stage. Learn how to address them by understanding techniques widely used by the experts and then be consistent in your usage and corrections.

  • Tips to Remember:
    An assortment of tips to help you become a better handler

  • Improving Your Sending:
    This photo essay illustrates some dos and don't on how you send your dog. Improving your send can greatly help your dog on both marks and blinds

  • Improving Your Delivery:
    Proper delivery can be very important to achieving the next send cleanly and efficiently. Delivery methods can also be important in addressing mouth problems. This is a photo essay to help you visual good technique and poor practices. Practice delivery to form good habits and strive for a perfect delivery each time in training

  • Handling at the End of Blinds:
    The endings on blinds are often critical. Learn about the "Red Zone" to improve finishing your blind with success

  • Handling in Training vs Trials:
    How you handle your dog in training can be very different than in a test on the weeknd. In training you are teaching. In trial tests you are trying to achieve the cleanest performance.This article illustrates the difference in both the handling and design of set-ups in training versus tests.

  • Refining Your Casting:
    This article describes the basic casts and provides many tips on ways to improve your casting.

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Written by: Dennis Voigt| April 13, 2016

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