You can still order available Back Issues of Retrievers ONLINE

Magazine back issues are a gold mine of information. Many people enjoy sitting down and reading the hard copy magazine at their leisure. Of course, these magazines are becoming a Collectors item and you can round out your collection here.

The process is simple and geared to your custom order. We can provide you with the latest information on  availability since some issues are in short supply or no longer available.

To order email us using the Contact Us form. Include your email and phone number and we will contact you to take your order. We can confirm availability and whether you are eligible for any discounts. Orders enjoy 10-25% discounts depending on the number of back issues. You can pay by credit card or check prior to shipping. Orders can take 1-4 weeks to arrive depending on size and location.

At the current time, we have the following issues available. Prices are shown in USD. We pay all shipping and handling costs plus HST for all Canadian address shipments.

Year 2014   All Issues (1-4)           $35USD (Launch Sale price!)

Year 2013   All Issues (1-4)           $35USD (Launch Sale Price!)

Year 2012   All Issues (1-4)           $35USD (Launch Sale

Year 2011   All Issues (1-4)           $35USD (Launch Sale Price!)

Year 2010   Issues (1,2,3,4,6)        $28USD (Launch Sale price!)

Year 2009   All Issues (1-6)           $35USD  

Year 2008   Issue 6 only               $5USD

Year 2007   All Issues (1-6)           $35USD

Year 2006   All Issues (1-6)           $35USD

Year 2005   All Issues (1-6)           $35USD

Year 2004   All Issues (1-6)           $35USD

Contact us for earlier issues-we have a handful of some issues for the Collectors

Purchase the entire collection above  for $255USD, a saving of 25% plus Launch Sale price.


To order, email using the Contact Us form.

Here are Indexes of Article topics!

Below are pdf files you can view showing an Index of Articles by category. We include the Year, Volume, Issue and Page numbers. This will help you search for topics, find issues that you want, and locate topics in your current collection! We use it ourselves all the time.

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Assorted Articles click here

Training Aids Articles click here

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