Favourite Marking Set-ups

Written by: Dennis Voigt - April 13, 2016

Articles describing some of our best marking set-ups. Learn about short bird drills, punch bird set-ups, various quads, ABCDs. and how to run big set-ups with different levels of dogs. We also have a 3 Part series on Mastering Marking but this one is a great first Collection on Marking.

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  • Ten Favorite Set-Ups (includes Blinds)
    Here are 10 favorite set-ups that could account for a majority of field work.It includes the "bread and butter' ALL In ONE triple, ABCD, Interrupted marks and much more. Also has some blind set-ups to balance the marking.

  • Two Punch Bird Marking Set-Up
    Punch birds (long marks past shorter) are an important marking concept. This Set-up features a two-peat set of Punch birds

  • Set-ups for Marking Quads
    There are many configurations for marking Quads(4 birds). Thie article describes some of the best and our favorites

  • Multiple Mark Set-ups
    A description of the different kinds of multiple marking set-ups and ways to run them including with the incorporation of blinds.

  • Two Short Bird Marking Quads (and Triple)
    Short Birds or "Check Down" marks can be challenging after longer marks or with longer visible marks. This article reviews our Two Short Bird triple and introduces a Quad to advance your dog further.

  • Advanced marking Set-ups with all levels of dogs
    An advanced marking set-up can be run in many different ways for an advanced dog. this article describes a very challenging set-up but shows you many different ways to run it dependent on the level of your dog. this principle can be applied to many other configurations.

  • ABCD Marking Set-ups to Progress your Dog
    ABCD Marking Exercises are valuable for both Hunt Test and Field Trial Dogs. The basics for doing them are described here plus variations that ass even more focus and concentration. Schedule these every week or two. A must have in your bag of marking set-ups.

  • The Over-Under Marking Exercise
    One concept encountered in hunting, hunt test and field trials is Over and Under marks. Hunt testers call this inline. A related concept but with different skill requirements is Under-Over. This article addresses both concepts and methods of teaching

  • Drive Past and Punch marks
    Encountered frequently is the need to drive much further past a shorter mark and punch out all the way to a long bird. Basic methods are described in this article. See also the Two Punch Marking Drill in this Collection.

  • Two Short Marking Drill
    One of our best designs, this will show you a great way to work on short birds (retired or not) with a long mark visible. It features a repeat of the concept.

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Written by: Dennis Voigt| April 13, 2016

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