Improving How Your Dog Handles on Blinds-Part 2

Written by: Dennis Voigt - May 09, 2016

In this multi-part Collection, Part 1 and 2 together address many of the problems you will encounter with blind retrieves and how your dog handles. In Part 2, you will find articles on blind types, repeating blinds, special blind exercises such as Permanent Contrary Blinds and Chinese Drills. There are also handling tips for you and as well as evaluation of both you and your dogs mastery of blinds. Together, Part 1 and Part 2 provide you 19 articles that will help you address many blind handling problems.

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  • How and Why You should Run more Blinds:
    This article explains why the Amateur needs to run more blinds than a Professional. Plus, it describes the types of blinds to run and why. 

  • Best Handling Tips for Blinds:
    A list of tips to help your handling on Blinds. A great group of concise reminders!

  • A Summary of Common Training and Handling Errors:
    20 Common Errors that are routinely seen while handling on marks but especially blinds. The first step in solving is becoming aware of the error!.

  • Unraveling Blind Types:
    There are many types of blinds. This article describes the major ones and when and why to use each type as your dog progresses from early to advanced work.
  • A Mini Primer on Casting:
    A very good synopsis of things you can do to improving your casting and thus the handling of your dog. Included are differences between inexperienced and more advanced dogs.

  • Three days of Chinese Blinds:
    A real-life actual example of three days of focused work on a "Chinese" water drill helped develop skills and attitude in a young dog. The lesson can be applied to dogs of all ages and for many needs.

  • Permanent Contrary Blinds:
    Information and examples about how to build special "extreme" blinds that can be used through out an advanced dogs life.
  • Repeating Blinds:
    There is controversy about repeating marks and blinds. This article describes not only the pros and cons of repeating blinds but also how and which blinds you might repeat depending on the dogs experience and skill level.
  • A Guide to Favorite Handling Drills:
    A description of half a dozen handling drills that will refine and maintain skills or address problems. 



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Written by: Dennis Voigt| May 09, 2016

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