Training Set-up Fundamentals

Written by: Dennis Voigt - April 13, 2016

This collection has 7 articles on Teaching and Training set-ups. It has Guidelines for Training, Planning Sessions, how to improve sequences and even an article on repeating. Using the articles in this collection will progress your dog as you change how you design set-ups and learn how to teach instead of test.   

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  • Differences between Training set-ups and Weekend Tests
    Training Set-ups are designed to teach but weekend test are designed to evaluate performance. Tests may inadvertently teach dogs lessons we don't want. This article discusses this challenging topic

  • Training Guidelines and Important Reminders
    A comprehensive collection of training guidelines by Judy Rasmuson and Dennis Voigt. Originally written for our winter training group, the article also explains the "why" of the guidelines. You will find much be food-for-thought here for your own training.

  • Setting Up Training Tests
    A description of some of the many factors to consider when designing training set-ups to maximize teaching and the progress of your dogs. This topic is one to always be learning about.

  • Planning Training Sessions
    Training sessions should not just be based random ideas but rather on your dog's needs and local conditions. In addition theming, sequencing and long-term development are key considerations.

  • Guidelines for Daily Field Training
    A concise version of the factors to consider on a daily basis.

  • When to Repeat
    Repeating marks and blinds is desirable in some situations and not in others. The key is why, when, where and how you repeat

  • Improving Your Sequences in Training
    This article will give you examples of how to sequence your training set-ups to maximize attitude, balance and skill development in your dog. Themes are an important part but so is ABC (Attitude, Balance and Control)! 


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Written by: Dennis Voigt| April 13, 2016

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